Fan Coil Units

Australia’s trusted supply partner for quality chilled water Fan Coil Units (FCU’s)

ACS have worked on the design, supply, and application of chilled/heated water
FCU systems to many high-profile Australian projects since 2002. 

ACS partner exclusively with three “best in class” FCU manufacturers, each offering quality products with unique features and application focuses:

Intelligent Fan Coil Units

Intelligent FCUs – termed as such due to their advanced controls and feedback integration, superior noise reduction, energy-efficient operation, and self-diagnosis capabilities – have been developed and optimised in the highly competitive UK market.  Ability FCU’s are extensively employed across the commercial, high rise residential and education sectors throughout the world.

An Ability system is designed to achieve the desired noise criteria with no additional attenuation, whilst expending the least amount of energy to deliver excellent comfort conditions throughout the year.


The EVO range consists of the core products within the Ability portfolio offering quiet, highly efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

Featuring EC motors, optimised coils and an array of filter options, the EVO range can be configured to suit residential, commercial and hotel applications.

With a choice of unit depths ranging from 155 to 270mm for horizontal installations, (235mm for vertical wall mounting) and numerous width options, this range allows product selections to closely match design requirements, reducing the risk of oversizing.


The Matrix range is unique to Ability and simplifies onsite installation and setup, offering significant savings in both time and labour costs.

The patent-protected design builds on the success of the EVO range, introducing a number of innovative features which offer added value. Each fan can be set to deliver the designed air volume to a paired duct, removing the need for individual volume control dampers and when combined with ePIV valves, the water flow rates can also be preconfigured. By factory setting the design parameters, onsite setup becomes a simple check box process, dramatically reducing on-site commissioning.

ABILITY Matrix Multi-room FCU

The Matrix Multiroom is an award-winning product which takes fan coil intelligence to the next level, offering individual control of up to five separate spaces from a single fan coil unit.

Providing system designers with great flexibility in initial concept, and the ability to simply reconfigure spaces to match future requirements, the advantages of Multiroom are far more than just the upfront cost savings seen during installation. Originally conceived for residential applications, Multiroom fan coils are also ideally suited to flexible commercial office spaces, where the single unit can be installed away from the rooms being served for optimal space utilisation.

Low Static Fan Coil Units

Founded in 1929 in Italy, Sabiana has developed an enviable reputation for providing innovative and market-focused commercial HVAC products.  Now with a worldwide perspective, all products are designed and manufactured in Italy to the highest standards (including Eurovent certification).

The Sabiana range is vast, including unit heaters, radiant systems, AHU’s, and of course Fan Coil Units.

ACS has worked with Sabiana for a number of years, and a selection of the most popular products for Australian environments is presented below.

Air flow from the unit can be varied continuously via a 1-10 V signal from Sabiana controls, or by independent controllers (Programmable controllers with a 1-10 V output).

The extreme efficiency – also at a low speed – makes it possible to greatly reduce power consumption (more than 75% less in comparison to a traditional motor) with absorption values under normal operating conditions that are no greater than 10 Watt in the entire range.

  • The DC brushless motor always working at its point of maximum efficiency.
  • In the brushless motor, the rotor’s permanent magnets generate the magnetizing power autonomously.
  • The motor always operates at the synchronous speed and as a result, there are no induced currents that reduce efficiency.
  • Large reduction in energy consumption, thanks to an optimal response to the varying thermal load of the environment.
  • Quiet operation at all rotation speeds.
  • Ability to operate at any rotation speed.
  • Independently accredited to Eurovent standards
  • EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 compliant

Chilled Water Fan Coil (ducted, concealed)

In line with innovative trends and modern industrial design, the Carisma CRSL fan coil range meets today’s demanding requirements of performance, size, acoustics, low energy, ease of installation and maintenance.

The fan coil unit has been designed around a platform of models, versions, and accessories, all of which have been independently tested and accredited by Eurovent.

  • AC or High efficiency EC motors
  • Low Profile under 250mm
  • Max ESP 80pa
  • Available in 2 or 4 – pipe configuration
  • Electric heating available
  • Range of accessories
  • Independently accredited to Eurovent standards
  • EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 compliant

Chilled Water Fan Coil (exposed or concealed)

Designed around 5 different versions, the extensive range includes wall and ceiling mounted units, exposed or concealed and with either tangential or centrifugal fan options, delivering one of the most versatile ranges of fan coils on the market today. The Carisma CRC model is complemented with a full range of accessories: various types of adjustment valves, sturdy support feet, rear covering panel for glass installation, additional electric heater, auxiliary condensate pump, fresh air intake louver, air inlet/outlet diffusers for fitted installations.

  • AC or High efficiency EC motors
  • Can be vertically or horizontally mounted.
  • Slim line design under 300mm with exposed casing
  • Max ESP 40pa
  • Available in 2 or 4 – pipe configuration
  • Electric heating available
  • Range of accessories
  • Independently accredited to Eurovent standards
  • EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 compliant

Low Static Fan Coil Units

The robust construction and highly reliable operation of SINKO low static FCU’s, coupled with their low noise and simple-to-control design, is why they are the favourite choice for many of the world’s best-known hotel chains.

The basic product design, materials specification, and construction methods employed by SINKO have changed little over 40 years, which is great when it comes to swapping-out components after 20-years continuous operation in a busy hotel!

ACS maintains stock of replacement motors to minimise inconvenience to the client, and can even offer an EC motor as a direct replacement for an existing AC motor.

SRC Ducted Low static Chilled Water and Heating Fan Coil Units

  • Low profile 260mm overall height.
  • Low static design (Max ESP 100Pa)
  • Latest-generation SINKO FCU’s with EC motor technology.
  • Japanese designed with low noise output.
  • Solid 1.2mm galvanised metal construction.
  • Left-hand or right-hand connections available.
  • Easy on-site pipe connection change over if required.
  • All coils 100% leak tested during manufacture.
  • AC & EC Motors available ex-stock.

Sinko WX Wall Mounted chilled water units

Sinko’s range of wall mounted units are 2-Pipe configuration. The cooling capacity of these units range from 2.7 kw up to the Jumbo size 10 kw. They are often used in communication rooms where high heat loads are present and where long air throws are required.

  • 2-pipe configuration.
  • Cooling capacity from 2.7 kW to 10 kW
  • Latest-generation SINKO FCU’s with EC motor technology.
  • Left-hand or right-hand pipe connections.
  • Modern clean, slick fascia design
  • Capable of long air throws (JUMBO range).

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